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Cycle themed bar at The Orator, at the Cambridge Union.

[Image taken 16.9.21] Denning's Yard access, Crichton Avenue/Foss Islands Way/WiggintonRoad, York. Sunflowers. Other images here today - COUNT: #174176; the steepness of continuation of the route this cyclist is on: #174177. Other 'blooms' ... [more]

Millennium Way Cycle path upgraded to protected separated path rather than narrow shared use path

[Image taken 16.9.21] Crichton Avenue, York. Other image here today (COUNT): #174176. The angles of access are tight from Foss Islands Way and the incline steep over the railway. Many people push. This is part of the Orbital. People lose th ... [more]

Steps over railway at Bruntstane Station on NCN route 1

[Image taken 16.9.21] Denning’s Yard access, York (between the junction of Crichton Avenue and Wigginton Road.) A warm, sunny school day morning. I did a COUNT between 07.55 and 08.55. COUNT RESULT: 345 people including a Baboe (once in ... [more]

The cycleway moves to the service lane here

Crossing and rather narrow cycleway

Crossing and rather narrow cycleway

Bridge under the Petite Ceinture railway - wouldn't that make a great linear park and cycleway?

Road closure by a school

Cycleway along the Cours de Vincennes

New tram terminal under the Petite Ceinture railway bridge - wouldn't that make a great linear park and cycleway?

An awful lot of fuss about one cycle stand (there's a similar sign with 4 or 5 stands across the road)

Two road closures by a school, left and right

Cut-through from the new cycleway

Another new two-way segregated cycleway in Paris

Segregated two-way cycleway

Segregated cycle lane and route signs

Road closure at a school

Sign for Vélopolitain route 1 across the periphérique to Vincennes

138 years after the Brooklyn Bridge opened, a new bike path takes a lane and @NYC_DOT takes biking across the East River to its logical conclusion. The only question is if one lane will be enough. Review in this t ... [more]

Giant bike shop, Nation, Paris

Cycleways crossing, Nation, Paris

Modal filter at the Nation roundabout, Paris

Contraflow cycle lane, Paris

Road closure and cycleway

Bike shop opposite the Pere-Lachaise cemetery, Paris

Start of segregated cycleway at the Pere-Lachaise cemetery, Paris

New cycleways being put in on the Avenue de la République, presumably.

Cycleway past the Gare de l'Est, Paris

Open cycle parking at the Gare de l'Est, Paris

Veligo secure cycle parking at the Gare de l'Est (and insecure parking beyond)

New but damaged cycle parking at the Vet School. Not best placed with regards to access to the building either.

Branch down in Dawsholm Park, but too much time being spent putting up petty signs.

There's a pothole in that muddy puddle, but no warning sign has been provided.

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[Update 16.9.21] The CYC active travel officer confirmed the ramp will stay when the Scarborough Bridge to Ouse Bridge Flood Scheme diversion works are completed. [Image taken 3.7.21] Tanner's Moat, York. The ramp was installed in the first ... [more]

[Image taken 25.4.21] Exiting York rail station onto Station Road. See also route towards Minster today: #167753 and #167754. Image from a month ago - a carpet of daffodils: #166492. Wildflowers at Scarborough Bridge: #169771. Buttercups on ... [more]

[Image taken 5.9.21] Bootham Stray, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] Warm, bright evening, the last day before the start of the new school term for many. How to make the best of it? Go brambling (picking blackberries). How do ... [more]

[Image taken 10.7.21] Ramp between Scarborough Bridge and West Esplanade, York. [Note: There is no street view at this location.] Is this cycle secured here an indication cycle parking is needed nearby? Or signposting to the existing provis ... [more]

[Image taken 28.6.21] Denning’s Yard access, York (between the junction of Crichton Avenue and Wigginton Road.) Wildflowers make the area attractive for all users between the Foss Islands Path ( ... [more]

[Image taken 6.6.21] Link between Foss Islands cycle route and Wigginton Road. The image doesn't do it justice. Tranquil, shaded but not dark or dank. Other flowery locations, other dates: #169771

[Image taken 3.6.21] York. Buttercups shining in the evening sun on NCN65 alongside Clifton Ings. (No streetview image here.) Today see also: #169891 and links

[Image taken 3.6.21] York. Buttercups and clover alongside NCN65 between Rawcliffe Bar Country Park and Homestead Park. (No streetview location.) I can't recall seeing fields of buttercups like these in previous years. Stunning. Today see a ... [more]

[Image taken 30.5.21] Scarborough Bridge, York. Wildflowers at the rail station end of Scarborough Bridge. See also (today): #169803, other dates, other locations: #169771 and links

[Image taken 30.5.21] Scarborough Bridge, York. Wildflowers at the Marygate car park end of Scarborough rail line. See also (today): #169804, other dates, other locations: #169771 and links. Scarborough Bridge images today: #169805 and lin ... [more]

[Image taken 29.5.21] Scarborough Bridge, York. Wildflowers either side of the steeper of the two slopes down towards the route that passes between Marygate car park and the York-Scarborough rail line. See also: #169771 and links.

[Image taken 29.5.21] Scarborough Bridge, York. The Marygate car park side of the bridge is planted with (what I think of as) wild flowers. This is the view at the top of the descent. See also here today: #169772. 'Blooms' at other location ... [more]

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  • Icon 174187 Extremely dangerous for children both on foot and bike sharing a pavement. Children being forced to cycle on the road at peak hour with heavy vehicles and cars driving at speed. Add dedicated cycle lane on footpath and reduce speed along wargrave road in the school zone during school hours as with the primary school.
  • Icon 174185 This stretch is dangerous for the school children cycling and walking along here at peak times. There needs to be a wider path/cycle path before school kids are knocked into the road.
  • Icon 174184 Pavement far too narrow for all the children walking to school. Traffic speeds through the village and it's very dangerous. No alternative route to school. Speed cameras or 20mph limit needed
  • Icon 174183 There is a footpath but it’s also used as a cycle lane, there is not enough space for walking and cycling on this path especially for the hundreds of school children trying to walk or cycle to school safely. The traffic also is allowed to drive at 40mph even during school drop off and pick up times which is really dangerous.
  • Icon 174182 The speeding traffic (almost always well over 30mph) and narrow pavement mean there have been many near misses and often the wing mirrors are dangerously close to pedestrians' heads. Please introduce traffic calming measures to slow the traffic down or make the high street single flow (it is currently single flow through the crossroads. This could be expanded). Many school children walk along this very dangerous path and have no other paths to walk
  • Icon 174181 The pavement beside A321 is a footpath AND cycle path. At peak school times this is insufficient width for children to safely walk next to such a busy road where many do not adhere to speed limits.
  • Icon 174180 Widen the footpath and put bollards up to stop cars mounting the path.
  • Icon 174174 Separated Cycle lane needed, as parked cars narrow the road forcing cyclists to either play chicken with a truck, or go up onto the pavement and risk hitting one of the street lamps or a pedestrian.
  • Icon 174157 Widen the footpath and put bollards up to stop cars mounting the path.
  • Icon 174156 Ewart St is very car-centric and cars often drive quite fast. It should be made one-way heading from Islingword Rd to Southover St, and the lane made less wide to encourage drivers to slow down. This could also allow the footpaths to be widened.
  • Icon 174073 Cars park end-on to the footway, and they overhang the only footway on this stretch of Carrington Rd between Crewe Road and Fettes Ave., reducing it to sub1.5m. This is a peak route for people from the West to get to Inverleith Park and all its activities. It is also the main route for children getting to-from Broughton High School (over 1000 students) plus it is used in evenings and weekends for extra-curricular activities. Simple solution would be to change end-on parking to parallel. Reducing bay numbers, but hey, not the public's problem where you ditch your car! Go by train, bus, bike, foot!
  • Icon 174069 The angle Minshull Street divides off the A6 causes fast turning traffic, dangerous for the many pedestrians crossing the city centre road, and conflict over the bus lane on the left, dangerous for cyclists and making it less useful for buses. A one-way closure arrangement with a contraflow cycle gate would be effective. Auburn Street is available just before the signals at the end of the road as an alternative access towards the Canal Street area for motor vehicles.

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